Start Here…It’s Never Too Late

Today is the day; Now is the Time, To Begin Again.
If you breathe, you have everything,
Everything you Need, Can you Feel it?
It’s true, tomorrow may never arrive.
So, Waste Not Any Thing, especially,
This moment, This NOW.
Let the Rising and Setting of the Sun,
Instruct us towards Wisdom.
It is our one and only wealth, Now!
Breathe in – Breathe Out.
Gather, curate, luxuriate!
Moments, strung one after the other,
Suspended animation, wondrous vapor,
For the curious of heart and mind,
To Those who Embrace the Wind,
And Dance with the Fleeting,
Fragile Moments of Being.
To those Brave enough,
To Be Fully Human, Holy, Wild,
In The Eternal World of Now.
Every Heart Beat Pulsing Awareness,
Beating on the shoreline of each life
Oceanic waves of Joy, Suffering
And Unfathomed Mystery.
Receive it or not, the choice is always ours,
Start Here…It’s never too late…to Embrace,
The Gift, The Present, Is Real, It takes form,
When we stop believing it’s too late.
Now is the time to engage, because,
We do not know how much breath,
Is left to breathe. Remember,
Please, won’t you: Today,
Today! Is A Great Day to Be Alive!

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