This life we live in the body is meant to be lived in full awareness; all sensory systems are on-line to keep us in optimal working order ~ poised and ready for service. The physical realm, which we seem to be most comfortable relating to, is indeed where our senses are first engaged when we notice that our internal peace and quiet have left our house (the mind). But thankfully, there is a fail safe system built into the architecture of our body which is designed to return us safely to our default (peace and quiet) setting. The fail safe works as a feedback loop; either positive or negative feedback will reinforce our current state of being.

We easily understand and accept the benefits of positive feedback in our lives. When we perceive events or activities which bring us happiness or joy, we feel healthy and fulfilled in our body and mind; peace and quiet reign easily in our house. However, we tend to perceive negative feedback as a form of attack and we prepare for warfare. Unfortunately, when warfare alerts our primal nature, peace and quiet quickly leaves our premises.

But what if our perception of attack is faulty or ill conceived? What if the attacks we  speculate as negative are merely distractive traveling companions whose only function is to push us homeward…to our Peace and Quiet? Maybe we should stop engaging in warfare and instead launch ourselves into a training regimen. Said course would require us to perceive distractions and discomforts as occasions to engage our inner sleuth (clue-seeker).

So, you may ask: “which negative feedback clues should we heed?” How about when discomfort arises; whether in body or mind? Doesn’t discomfort get our attention? Then discomfort is a HUGE clue. When we are ill at ease; agitated; restless; anxious and unsettled or out-of-sorts; when we experience bodily pains or disruptions. These things are CLUES…they are like a resounding gong which activates our early warning alarm system. Changing our perceptions may allow us to view our disruptions of ‘peace and quiet’ as our call to RETREAT and go HOME.

If the NEW YEAR has you yearning for a NEW YOU, then now is the time for your course correction, because it is never too late to heed the Call of the Homeland. Remember, none of us need be CLUELESS. We have everything we need in our body and mind to inform our well being. Now is the time to seek the counsel of the ONE whose presence reunites Peace and Quiet into our house.


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