Always a Learner

I have been away from my writing life this first quarter of 2016. I am slowly working towards re-engaging into this pleasure as the busyness of these past few months starts to settle into its own routine. Last night I was able to read the ‘Running with Wolves’ book from where I had left off at the end of 2015; I discovered (again) a delightful hour of reading the many tidbits of truth wonderfully woven from the myths and stories of Ms. Clarissa’s book. The following quote resonates strongly with me still this morning:

Those who are not delighted by learning, those who cannot be enticed into new ideas or experiences, cannot develop past the road post they rest at now. If there is but one force which feeds the root of pain, it is the refusal to learn beyond this moment. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D. Women Who Run With the Wolves

Note to self: Always embrace the lessons present in each new day…it is one of the best ways to grow in grace, wisdom, knowledge and stature.