The Hard Work of Recovery

After a lively day’s work, no one has to tell us at day’s end that we need to rest. But when we begin to grow stronger and fitter in our body because we’ve been adhering to a well planned exercise program, we sometimes forget that the most important part of our work out happens only when we rest. If in our zeal we don’t make adequate opportunities for recovery, then we will soon realize the negative effects of over training (i.e. moodiness, irritability, decrease in performance, lack of energy, tiredness, mild aches and pains, increased number of colds, etc.). If you’re noticing any of these symptoms then add some rest days to your exercise program. To make fitness gains, you must trust the process of each day’s work…and rest. Remember to pace yourself…take the long view on your health and fitness goals. Don’t be a jack rabbit because we know that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race.

There is power in small wins and slow gains. James Clear


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