Exercise Challenge: Week 13 – 2022

Single-leg Hip Hinge

Challenge: perform as many repetitions as possible either alternating legs for the hip hinge or by performing as many reps on one leg (maintaining good form) as possible. Do this exercise for at least five days of the week. Keep track of your repetitions on your calendar or journal. Which day did you perform the greatest number of repetitions? Celebrate your improving strength and share your outcome with a friend or training partner.

The Lenten Season – Fourth Sunday

In honor of this season, I will be posting inspiring music for most of the next 40 days. I hope you’ll use this music as an opportunity to quiet and settle yourself; for contemplation, preparation, and thanksgiving. May you be encouraged and realize the felt presence of Peace and Love as you hear the music; may you hear the message meant for you in each of the musical offerings. Wishing you peace and every good!