Oversite…It Happens!

What is this oversight?

A missed cue? A purposeful neglect? A silent nod to simply forget?

What have I managed to overlook today?

But wait, it’s early still, perchance I’ll find myself before I am lost.
In calls and errands, in chores that abound.
Will I oversee my schedule or will it oversee me first?

There is one thing more I must ask:
Is it an oversight to turn the other cheek, look the other way or forgive a glaring offense? Perhaps…

What of it? This quest of simple-minded schemes;
But then, is this not the case made against our failure to see?

An oversight I think, is most of all, the mark of frail humanity
Whose plight it is to stumble and fall.

Oversight whatever it be…it happens!


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