A Growth Perspective?

When I pay attention to the seemingly insignificant ‘little things’ that come across my viewport in the earliest hours of my day, it is then that I am most delighted by the generosity and subtlety of the universe-beneficent. I enjoy these little synchronicities as they appear in purview, without my beckoning or request. Floating, flitting and swirling around my head for noticing eyes, they tickle my ears all the way down to my toes like pretty little butterflies. The effortless beauty and timing of these morning synchronicities are indeed a delight to encounter….again and again and again. Without cause their perfectly-timed appearance never fail to shuttle me into wide-wakefulness.

This morning’s synchronicity appeared as a word which popped up in every item my eyes came across to read. So in honor of today’s discovery, I will share what came to me. Coincidentally or otherwise, here is what floated across the airwaves as I prepared myself for another full day of training appointments and household chores. Today’s intriguing little word is…GROWTH. As a concept, this is what I build my personal training business upon, so I am intimately acquainted with its life-giving value. However, growth for the sake of growth alone, must always be checked! Why is this? Because growth unchecked and undifferentiated is ultimately a zero sum game. Unlimited growth without end is not sustainable for an organism of any kind. This is the growth of cancer, and cancer left to its own devices will always culminate in the death of its host organism. So with this GROWTH perspective in mind, I’ll share some of the wise words which came my way today.

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