The Lenten Season – Day 27

In honor of this season, I will be posting inspiring music for most of the next 40 days. I hope you’ll use this music as an opportunity to quiet and settle yourself; for contemplation, preparation, and thanksgiving. May you be encouraged and realize the felt presence of Peace and Love as you hear the music; may you hear the message meant for you in each of the musical offerings. Wishing you peace and every good!

Wana Baraka is a popular religious Kenyan song. Here are the lyrics translated into English:

Wana baraka wale waombao (They have blessings, those who pray)
Yesu mwenyewe alisema, Alleluya ! (Jesus himself said so, Alleluia !)
Wana amani (They have peace)
Wana Furaha (They have joy)
Wana Uzima (They have well-being)

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