Your Personal Mission Statement 2016!

Tomorrow we welcome the New Year’s arrival with open arms and expectant hearts…Greetings 2016! If you have been following the Personal Mission Statement (PMS) blogs since December 1st, then hopefully you have done your introspective research and writing and are now ready to finalize the first draft of your 2016 PMS.

Today’s blog will conclude this series but before it does, I will include some sample statements so you can see that no two statements are alike. The beauty of drafting your PMS is that it uniquely reflects what is of most import and value to you…it is very PERSONAL and will not look like anyone else’s PMS, unless, of course you want it to.

Lastly, I would like to suggest you consider your PMS document as a statement in flux. The PMS you write for 2016 is written on parchment, not stone. It will serve you best when you allow it to be a living record, and its detail or simplicity is completely up to you. Over time, you may revise and update your PMS to reflect the natural ebb and flow of your life’s ever changing experiences. You are the author of this life-embracing, purpose-focused statement! For once, it’s safe to say that your PMS really is all  about you how you plan on living your one wild and precious life’!

Sample 1 PMS: My mission is to act as an instrument of positive change in my family, my work and my community. I will utilize all of the talents that God has given me and will participate in all aspects of my life with energy, purpose and gratitude. I will utilize my talents in strategy and administration to ensure that my home is loving and calm, my workplace is productive and positive and my community is responsive and growing. Through this focus I will give more than I take and will provide a positive role model for my children, family and community.

Sample 2 PMS: My mission is to be a thankful, appreciative person. I will use my words with utmost care and, I will love others in sincerity and authenticity…in word, in deed, and in the feelings of my heart. I will live my life with child like wonder and humility. I will be always a learner; always a creator and delighter of beautiful things. I will live my life in love; not in fear; I will live in the realm of ‘all things are possible’ because of the One who has given Life to me.

Sample 3 PMS: My mission in life is to have my own family. I need to remember that what I do now in my life will affect them. Because of this, I try my best to do the right things that will benefit my future. I would someday like to have a large farm with horses where I can help handicapped children. I’d like to work with animals, maybe be a veterinarian. Mostly, I want to have time for my family. So today, I will study hard and stay away from things which may hinder or sidetrack my dream from happening.

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