Home for Christmas

Remember what it felt like as a child, with the coming of the Christmas season? The air of excitement, full of joyful expectation; our most heart felt wishes and desires seemingly within our grasp. If ever there was a time of year that supported our child-like trust in goodness, the Christmas season beckoned us to dream all things possible, if only we believed. But then, we grew up..

How I wish to be a child again…this Christmas. If only, for a little while, might I become full of innocent wonder and delight; transported; to a place of blissful expectation; to a place where all my adult needs and worries are lost in one great hope…ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! What would I see? What would I hear?  What if, by some strange mysterious energy, I could recapture the youthful exuberance of Christmas while still in my fully grown-up life?

I will journey there now, if only in my mind. And imagine I will, the Christmas-time tree with tinsel upon its boughs; how it looks; how it feels; how it smells I will ponder; and I will push back the curtains of worldly glamour to remember; the wonder of Christmas known as it is in the heart of a child.

I will cross the threshold, from here to there,
And notice how lightly I tread,
No longer do I carry the weight of worry and dread;
Free I am, to soar above the cares of the Earth,
Transported to the Kingdom of Christmas,
Where only light and love has worldly worth.
Now I hear the strain of angels song;
Their chorus repeats, resounds with the  gong:

for those who BELIEVE and RECEIVE;
the Gift of Christmas has come to Earth.

Now I soar on wings of blissful content,
And wherever I look, in the realm of this space
Beams of His Love reflect from each little face.
Glad is He, I have found Him, in His Christmas home;
When He speaks these words, my joy is fully known:

I AM! the Christ-Child of Christmas,
Welcome, enter into your Christmas rest,
The Spirit of Christmas does live at its best,
Whenever you draw near, stay close to my breast.
Forget never, only, see how close I AM! Come,
Join me forever, this is your Christmas place,
My promise to you: My Peace, My Grace,
BELIEVE and RECEIVE my Love, do now!
I AM! the Christ-Child of Christmas,
There is nothing, nothing, too hard to do,

With childlike faith and exuberance, let us embrace and welcome this Season. I AM is Home for Christmas!