Personal Mission Statement…Know Your Purpose

You have been given a most important assignment. If you are reading this post, you are breathing; and if you are breathing, then you have something very important to do. And just in case no one ever told you this, there is no one else ~ alive and breathing ~ who can perform this assignment for you. Because there is no one else, nor will there ever be, anyone else created just like you. You are uniquely qualified to do this one thing: Live YOUR Life…on Purpose…with Purpose…and with great PASSION!

DEFINITION:PASSION, a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; the object of such a fondness or desire.

Does the above statement about living a passionate life frighten you or inspire you? Perhaps it can and should do both…because we have been given a great trust, to live our lives. And our passion, your passion, is the guiding light which will aide you in putting on the final touches to your Personal Mission Statement (PMS).

With this third step towards preparing your PMS, you will have one more opportunity to mine the treasure trove of your life for clues. As you consider what drives your life, consider where you live your life (in your body, in your spirit, in your personality, in your relationships) and consider what is most meaningful to you? You will now need to identify (write down) those goals, ideals, and/or aptitudes which resemble what you want to achieve or accomplish with the life you have been given.

These things which you identify as important help you chart the road map for your journey toward meaning and purpose. This step in the process of crafting your PMS may at first seem overwhelming and daunting, but I would like to propose it need not be so. Our purpose, the answer to our life’s meaning, is very simple…and I believe the answer is the same for each one of us.

Realize that this is my opinion, my belief, but this is what drives my life: our purpose (mission) is to do that which we were created to do: to Live in Love. We were created from Love, by Love, for Love. When we live in love,  we operate in a realm of abundance. Our energies (physical and emotional) know no bounds; we are connected to life force and life source when we live and move in Love.

Simple…isn’t it? And yet, we make it so hard. The world awaits…your world awaits…for you to color it; to form it; to beautify the corner you live in…this is your area of influence…this is your canvas to adorn. This step in crafting your PMS may require you to dig a little deeper into the soil of your one and only life, but it is no more difficult than writing down your loves. After this step, you will be ready to draft your PMS using the notes and lists you have made from your previous introspections and investigations.

In my next and last post about your PMS, I will share some sample mission statements with you. It is my hope that this series and this topic will  inspire you to craft your PMS, and your life, with your very own, one-of-a-kind perspective and Life Force. You will never inhabit this time or place in history again; I hope, and the world hopes, you will make the most of your one wild and precious life!

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