Of Sheets and Socks

I was putting away a basket of clean laundry this morning and I noticed how my little running socks and dryer sheets could hide out unnoticed in the deep pockets of the king size fitted bed sheet. It made me chuckle because I have often re-discovered a lost sock or small clothing item many weeks or months later when putting a clean fitted sheet on the bed for the first time after its laundering. Upon such a discovery, I’ll usually scold myself for not checking the deep pockets before putting the clean sheets away, and then think nothing more about the lost and found item while I return it to its rightful place in my drawer.

But this morning after putting the clean socks and sheets away, I considered how often these lost items go unnoticed, until I need them most. Then I made this funny little connection about lost little things…like the little things in my life that get folded up into the deep pockets of my busy schedule…the seemingly unimportant little socks of life, so basic and trivial in their use, but how important they become when one goes missing and its mate is nowhere to be found; while more sturdy soles than mine might not care, I would not go happily to work, or for a walk or run in my shoes wearing only one sock. No, I would rather wear unmatched socks than one sock or no socks at all.

And that’s when I had a funny thought, about how this little problem of missing socks often mimics my life; how the little things, the niceties of life which at first glance don’t seem all that necessary, only become missed and appreciated when I recognize how out of balance or out of sorts I’ve become because I’ve misplaced or lost my one little sock of…grace, or appreciation, or gratitude, or humility, or forgiveness or ???

It’s the little things in life, I reminded my self this morning, the niceties of common courtesies and gentleness which, when they go missing, can make me (and those around me) quite uncomfortable! I must remember to leave no sheet pocket unturned! Turn every corner out, shake the sheets good and stout; let every good thing in me, the garments of my inner life: peace and love, be carefully folded and placed into the fabric of my day. Little things, they become large when they go missing…both within and without. Today’s note to self: Give the sheets a good shake and turn every corner out!

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