Always With You

From Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

Do not feel abandoned. I am always with you.
Listen to Me in the truth of your soul.
Listen to Me in the feelings of your heart.
Listen to Me in the quiet of your mind.

Hear Me, everywhere.
Whenever you have a question,
simply know that I have answered it already.
Then open your eyes to your world.
My response could be
in an article already published.
In the sermon already written
and about to be delivered.
In the movie now being made.
In the song just yesterday composed.
In the words about to be said by a loved one.
In the heart of a new friend about to be made.

My Truth is in the whisper of the wind,
the babble of the brook,
the crack of the thunder,
the tap of the rain.
It is the feel of the earth,
the fragrance of the lily,
the warmth of the sun,
the pull of the moon.

My Truth–and your surest help in time of need,
is as awesome as the night sky,
and as simply, incontrovertibly,
trustful as a baby’s gurgle.
It is as loud as a pounding heartbeat,
and as quiet as a breath taken in unity with Me.

I will not leave you,
I can not leave you,
for you are
My creation and My product,
My daughter and My son,
My purpose and My…Self.

Call on Me, therefore,
wherever and whenever
you are separate
from the peace that

I will be there.
With Truth.
And Light.
And Love.