No Thinking Required

The way I look at Automatic,
I think it somewhat problematic.
It’s so easy, this is true,
Requires no thinking,
From me or you.

However sublime it may seem,
Automatic is not always keen;
It Liquidates the mind, I say,
Turns muscles to mush, just to
Save us sweat or toil.

Turn a dial, push a button, plug-n-go;
Automatic magic, the world is a-gaping!
Who would have guessed?
Who would have thought?
A heap of helplessness is wrought,
Upon the unthinking lot. Because,

When Automatic is broken down, the
Instructions for Manual cannot be found.
Of course a mess does quickly ensue,
Its proportions epic, no: scary; gigantic;
I think this somewhat problematic.


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