Truth Speaks

This morning I had one of those ah-ha! moments. I think it happened as a result of my crisscross reading of authors and genres of late. When I arrived at this intersection of ideas, I realized a transcendent principle had wafted its way into the forefront of my conscious mind: namely, that TRUTH transcends time.
Truth has no beginning and it has no end. What is true today, was true yesterday and will be true tomorrow. There is nothing new under the sun. Truth cannot be contained; it is of spiritual essence; it is not bound by time, space or matter;
it does not discriminate; it sees not ethnicity, gender, culture, status, age, politic or economy. Spoken clearly, spoken loudly, spoken softly it matters not how it speaks, or from whose mouth it issues; the voice of truth has many facets and speaks every language in existence. Truth is like the crown jewel of creation; its fount flows freely for all to partake. Truth calls out to those who have ears to hear…listen, learn, and live life to the full.

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